Important 2021 Updates

The ATAR was released Tuesday 18 January 2022. Access your results through Student Profiles Online.

ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (ACT BSSS) is a statutory authority responsible for the certification of senior secondary school studies in government and non-government schools in the Australian Capital Territory.

16 Dec 2021

ACT BSSS Recognition of Excellence Ceremony 2021

On Monday 13 December the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies celebrated the achievements of Year 12 students at the Recognition of Excellence Awards at the Canberra Theatre.

17 Nov 2021

Framework and Course Redevelopment in 2022

Teachers interested in being involved in the redevelopment or accreditation of the following Framework or courses in semester one 2022 may submit an Expression of Interest via the link below.

  • Commerce Framework
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Australian and Global Politics
  • Legal Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Agriculture
  • Interdisciplinary Science- Flight, Forestry, Oceanography

Expression of Interest Submission:

ACT Senior Secondary System

Information about the ACT Secondary System including the Board, Policy and Procedures and the schools

Information for Students

Information for students including AST, Curriculum and Moderation

Information for Teachers

Information for teachers including AST, Curriculum and Moderation

Academic Integrity 

Information for teachers and students on Academic Integrity