E Courses

From Year 11 2015, E classification is given to all externally delivered courses which lead to a nationally recognised vocational qualification (VET Certificate or Statement of Attainment) that is delivered by an external Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

E classification is also given to Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs) for:

E courses have industry areas as course titles. These courses will be in course areas along with other relevant BSSS courses and the maximum contribution of any one course area to the minimum requirements of an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate is 8 standard units as per BSSS policy.

In E courses, students will be awarded standard units in multiples of 0.5, undertaken as a structured educational program.

Students who undertake an E course with an external RTO will need to complete an External Vocational Studies Application Form (34kb). This form needs to be endorsed by the school by the beginning of November in the student’s final year of study, and then sent to the OBSSS with evidence of the completed qualification before units will be awarded for this E course. Further information on the application process is outlined here: Information about E Course Applications

Note: Students cannot get credit towards an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate for an E Course which duplicates content in a home college course they are studying or have studied.

External Vocational Studies Application Form (34kb)