About the BSSS

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (ACT BSSS) is a statutory authority responsible for the certification of senior secondary school studies in government and non-government schools in the Australian Capital Territory.

Between 1976 and 1998 the Board operated under the Schools Authority Act. In 1998, legislation was enacted to give the Board the status of a statutory authority. This formalised and defined its roles and responsibilities in senior secondary education in the ACT.


Board of Senior Secondary Studies Act PDF Icon (141.9 kb)

Republication No. 13 Effective: 1 September 2016

Board Members

Board members come from a variety of backgrounds, including the government and non-government education sectors, further education (universities and vocational), unions and professional associations, parent groups and industry.

Board Chairperson Ms Roberta McRae OAM
Canberra Institute of Technology Ms Lucy Marchant
Vocational Education and Training Organisations Dr Louise Mayo
Australian National University Prof Royston Gustavson
University of Canberra Prof Philip Roberts
Australian Catholic University Prof Patrick McArdle
Association of Independent Schools of the ACT Inc. Ms Rachel Davies
Australian Education Union Ms Lisa Pluis
Catholic Education Commission Mr Michael Lee
ACT Principals' Association Inc. Ms Kerrie Heath
ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations inc. Ms Norma Yap
Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools Inc. Mrs Yvonne Jansen
Canberra Business Chamber Mr Mark Field
Trades and Labour Council of the ACT Inc. Mr Thomas Klekner
Education Directorate Ms Kate McMahon

Board Functions

The principal functions of the Board are:

  • to accredit or register courses taught by recognised educational institutions
  • to approve recognised education institutions for teaching vocational education courses
  • to establish guidelines for the development of courses
  • to establish principles and procedures for the assessment of students and the moderation of those assessments
  • to provide certificates and transcripts of students attainments
  • to provide information on the performance of students and former students
  • to provide information on the policies and procedures of the Board
  • to review its own operations and the operation of the Act
  • to advise the Minister on any matter referred to in this section
  • to approve specialist education providers

Office of the BSSS

The Office of the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies is funded by the ACT Government. The Office provides services to both government and non-government colleges.

Officers of the Board may be contacted by calling Reception at (02) 6205 7181.

The Office of the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies is responsible for the certification of senior secondary studies in the ACT, including:

  • curriculum development and accreditation
  • VET integration
  • assessment
  • quality assurance
  • the ACT Scaling Test
  • tertiary entrance statements
  • academic transcripts and unclaimed certificates for senior secondary studies
  • certificate equivalence
  • professional learning
  • school support

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