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Public Interest Disclosure (PID)

For information on how to submit a public interest disclosure, please visit this page.

Freedom of Information

The ACT Freedom of Information Act 2016 (the ACT FOI Act) came into effect on 1 January 2018. Each ACT Government agency is responsible for responding to FOI access applications that relate to their functions or roles and has obligations to provide public access to government information.

The ACT FOI Act:

The ACT FOI Act requires the publication of a disclosure log providing information about freedom of information requests received by us, except for requests for personal information.

Information required to be published on the disclosure log will be included within 3-10 working days after the decision notice is provided to the applicant.

Documents provided to an applicant under the ACT Freedom of Information Act 1989 are published on the ACT Open Government website in accordance with the ACT Government’s Online FOI Publication policy.

Disclosure Log

Reference number



Date of publication

Fees paid or waived

Time spent on application

Ombudsman decision (if relevant)

ACAT decision (if relevant)

Date of application

Information requested


Information provided

Additional information

Date of decision

BSSS 022 001

7  March 2022

Documents relating to the aggregate scores with each ATAR score for the Year 12 cohort for 2020. Equivalent documents for previous years have been made available in previous FOI requests with reference numbers EDU_2018_002 and EDU_2020_007.




22 March 2022

19 April 2022


1 day



BSSS 021 001

20 August 2021

Documents regarding the decision-making process and final decisions regarding student assessment during the remote learning period of 2021 (which started specifically on 20 August 2021). Specifically, documents containing decisions regarding whether students will be assessed similarly to the remote learning period in 2020, where they received an "S" grade for that school semester.



Additional Information

17 September 2021

30 September 2021


3 days



Feedback and Complaints

Feedback and Complaints

The BSSS encourages and welcomes both positive and negative feedback and is committed to responding to complaints in a timely and positive manner.

This enables staff, students, parents and community members to contribute to the BSSS' continuous improvement strategy.