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ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies

BSSS Policy and Procedures Manual 2014

- updated February 2014. Please ensure you are referring to the latest version.
Printed copies are no longer available.

Contact Us

Contact with the ACT BSSS can be made by

Postal address:
Education & Training Directorate
C/- Office of the Board of Senior Secondary Studies
GPO Box 158 
Canberra ACT 2601

Site address:
Lyons Education Centre
67 Launceston Street
Lyons ACT  2606


+61 2 6205 7181
+61 2 6205 7167

Important Dates


2014 General Schedule

3 February Term 1 (Refer to individual schools for specific start dates)
12 February Introduction to BSSS Workshop
17 February

Introduction to BSSS Workshop

19 February Board Forum 1: Certification 2013
3 March AST Marking Workshop
4 March Moderation Day 1
5 March Introduction to BSSS for Executive Teachers
28 March Closing date for AST Special Case Applications
11 April Term 1 ends