ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (ACT BSSS) is a statutory authority responsible for the certification of senior secondary school studies in government and non-government schools in the Australian Capital Territory.

27 May 2021

Public Consultation – Draft BSSS Shape Papers

The Draft BSSS Shape Papers for Psychology, Sociology, Early Childhood Studies, Social and Community Work, and Tourism and Event Management are now available for public consultation.


Copies of each Draft Shape Paper along with a link to provide feedback can be found on the Curriculum Development Page. The consultation period for all shape papers closes on Thursday 29 April 2021. 

28 May 2021

AST 2021

The AST is scheduled to be on 31 August and 1 September 2021.

ACT Scaling Test (AST)

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Certification Meeting

05 Aug 2021 14:00

Hawker College

Surveying Scaling

10 Aug 2021 13:00


Moderation Day 2

12 Aug 2021

ACT Senior Secondary System

Information about the ACT Secondary System including the Board, Policy and Procedures and the schools

Information for Students

Information for students including AST, Curriculum and Moderation

Information for Teachers

Information for teachers including AST, Curriculum and Moderation

Academic Integrity 

Information for teachers and students on Academic Integrity