New and Updated Courses and Frameworks for 2023

The following minor variations, revised courses, and revised framework will be implemented from 2023:

Revised Framework

Commerce Framework 2023

Minor variation to Science Framework

(Minor changes to the Achievement Standards - Critically Analyse changed to Evaluate)

Science Framework 2023

Revised Courses

The following new courses will be implemented from 2023:

Pathways to Work and Learning 2023 A/M/V

Agriculture 2023 A/T/M

Interdisciplinary Science 2023 A/T/M

(Replacing Interdisciplinary Science, Flight, Forestry and Oceanography)

Legal Studies 2023PDF Icon A/T/M

Philosophy 2023 A/T/M

Politics 2023 A/T/M

(Replacing Australian and Global Politics)

Accounting 2023 A/T/M

Business 2023PDF Icon A/T/M

Economics 2023PDF Icon A/T/M

Automotive Technology 2023PDF Icon A/M/V

Business Services 2023PDF Icon A/M/V

Furniture Making Pathways 2023PDF Icon A/M/V

(Replacing Furniture Making AMV from 2023, and replacing Furniture Construction C from 2024, but concurrent to Furniture Construction C in 2023)

Stage Performance PDF Icon A/M/V

(Replacing Musical and Stage Performance C in 2024, concurrent with Musical Stage Performance C in 2023)

Horticulture PDF Icon A/M/V

Live Production and Services PDF Icon A/M/V

Minor Variations

These minor variations reflect changes to the relevant VET Training Packages.

Construction Pathways A/M/VPDF Icon

Data Science A/T/M/VPDF Icon

Digital Products 2023 A/M/VPDF Icon

Digital Technologies 2023 A/T/M/VPDF Icon

Networking and Security 2023 A/T/VPDF Icon

Outdoor Recreation 2023 CPDF Icon

Robotics and Mechatronics 2023 A/T/M/VPDF Icon

Social and Community Work 2023 A/T/M/VPDF Icon

A minor variation to reflect the change of name of the Road Ready Course to Pre-Learner License Training Course.

College Based R Units 2023PDF Icon

Minor variations to reflect the changes in the Science Achievement Standards

Biology A/T PDF Icon 2023

Chemistry T PDF Icon 2023

Earth and Environmental Science A/T PDF Icon 2023

Food Science and Nutrition A/T/M PDF Icon 2023

Human Biology A/T/M PDF Icon 2023

Physics T PDF Icon 2023

Psychology A/T PDF Icon 2023

Senior Science A/M PDF Icon 2023