VET Studied at External RTOs

VET studied by students at external RTOs can be recognised by the college as E courses.

E Courses

VET studied during years 11 and 12 may contribute units towards an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate. This study will be in E courses named after the relevant industry area and grouped in course areas with similar BSSS courses. In E courses, students will be awarded standard units in multiples of 0.5, undertaken as a structured educational program. A maximum of eight E units can contribute towards the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate. The full set of rules applicable to E units and courses can be found in the Policy and Procedures Manual.

Students who wish to have this work recognised will need to complete an External Vocational Studies Application Form. For further information about E Course Applications see External Vocational Studies Information.  This form needs to be endorsed by the school by the beginning of November in the student's final year of study, and then sent to the OBSSS with evidence of the completed qualification before units will be awarded for this E course. Details, such as the duration, student attendance, workload and work completion, will be required.

Note: Students cannot get credit towards an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate for an E Course which duplicates content in a home college course they are studying or have studied.

External Vocational Studies Application Form