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Protocols for sharing assessment resources hosted by BSSS webpage

Disclaimer: The BSSS do not identify these materials as exemplars or take responsibility for the use of these materials. You may download one copy of these materials in unaltered form only, for your personal use or for non-commercial use. These materials may only be used as models provided correct citation/attribution procedures are followed.

Teachers from all sectors accessing this page agree to operate within this protocol to ensure that copyright and attribution of authorship issues are handled morally and ethically.

Work identified to be shared will be sent, by the submitting teacher, electronically to the OBSSS for checking against this protocol.

  1. The OBSSS will maintain a register of uploaded files.
  2. The submitting teacher will acknowledge and cite within their document the author of any original works or primary sources to meet copyright legislation.
  3. The submitting teacher will be given attribution of the assessment model or curriculum sources via the document footer with their name – Family name and first initial and the date.
  4. Teachers who use and alter models provided on this site must maintain the moral and ethical protocols stated in points 1 and 2 below.

Please refer to the reference and definition set out below taken from the COPYRIGHT ACT 1968 - SECT 193

Author's right of attribution of authorship

1)      The author of a work has a right of attribution of authorship in respect of the work.

2)      The author's right is the right to be identified in accordance with this Division as the author of the work if any of the acts (the attributable acts) mentioned in section194 are done in respect of the work.

"moral right"

a) a right of attribution of authorship; or

b)      a right not to have authorship falsely attributed; or

c)       a right of integrity of authorship.

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