ACT Senior Secondary System

The ACT operates a system of school-based curriculum and assessment within the policy and procedures of the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS).

School-based curriculum means that college teachers are involved in all curriculum development and that colleges determine what courses they offer to students. There is a commitment to offering high quality educational programs from a wide range of academic and vocational areas.

Assessment in the ACT is continuous school based assessment. This means there are no external subject-based examinations. Courses are taught and assessed unit by unit. A unit of study is organised around a particular theme or skillset and has a value based on the time the unit took to deliver: One standard unit of study towards a Senior Secondary Certificate represents a minimum of 55 hours of timetabled classes generally over one semester. Moderation is conducted every semester to ensure comparability of grades from different schools and the ACT Scaling Test (AST), a higher order thinking examination, is used to compare Tertiary scores from different schools for calculation of the ATAR.