Draft BSSS Language Eligibility Criteria

The BSSS invites colleges to provide feedback on the draft BSSS Language Eligibility Criteria. A copy of the draft BSSS Language Eligibility Criteria is available here.

The college position will inform the working party recommendation to the Board. Please convey your college position using the survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BSSSdraftlanguageeligibilitycriteria

The period for consultation will conclude on Monday 3 April. It is envisaged that the draft Language Eligibility form will be Board endorsed for 2018.


In 2016, the ACT BSSS established a committee to review ACT senior secondary language courses. A key recommendation from this review was to explore using the format of the WACE Language Courses -Application for permission to enrol in a WACE language course in 2017 as the basis for developing the ACT Board of Senior Studies (BSSS) language eligibility criteria.

A cross sector working party has provided advice on the draft BSSS Language Eligibility Criteria. The draft BSSS Language Eligibility Criteria includes:

  • a rationale for studying languages
  • description of ACT senior secondary language courses
  • provision for students with no prior language learning experience
  • an application process designed for use by the college principal.