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Course Frameworks

Course Frameworks are system curriculum documents for Years 11 and 12.

Course Frameworks:

  • provide the essential basis for the development and accreditation of any course within a designated subject area
  • provide a common basis for assessment and reporting of student outcomes in courses based on the framework.
  • take into account current directions in curriculum and assessment
  • enable reporting of industry standards as appropriate.

Current Course Frameworks are also available in print form from the Board Secretariat and from colleges. 

Past editions of the Course Frameworks are available from the Board Secretariat upon request. These are to be used for reference purposes only.

All files listed below are in pdf format


File Size

Behavioural Science

343 Kb

Business and Client Services

296 Kb


363 Kb

Contemporary Transitions

188 Kb

Cultural Studies

183 Kb

Design and Technology

154 Kb

English (From 2014)

576 Kb

English (concludes 2013)

197 Kb

English as a Second Language (ESL)

248 Kb

Fashion and Textiles

176 Kb

Food and Resource Management

418 Kb


71 Kb

Health, Outdoor & Physical Education 


History (From 2014)

622 Kb

History  (concludes 2013)

241 Kb

Industrial Technology Trades

266 Kb

Information Technology

588 Kb




128 Kb

Legal Studies and Political Studies

222 Kb

Mathematics (From 2014)

635 Kb

Mathematics (conludes 2013)

92 Kb


227 Kb

Modified (M)

204 Kb


196 Kb

Performing Arts

276 Kb


122 Kb

Religious Studies

112 Kb

Science (From 2014)

675 Kb

Science (concludes 2013)

361 Kb

Theory of Knowledge

214 Kb

Tourism and Hospitality

575 Kb

Visual Arts