BSSS Framework Development Consultation


Developers contact BSSS curriculum officers to discuss proposal for new frameworks and courses. Proposals for new frameworks or courses may be submitted to the BSSS executive director.  A submission for a new framework and course must address the following criteria:

  • an educational rationale
  • pathways for students
  • an environmental scan of curriculum nationally and internationally
  • mapping for duplication of content with existing BSSS endorsed frameworks and accredited courses
  • principal/s endorsement.

The BSSS executive director may approve proposals for new frameworks or courses.  Alternatively, the BSSS Director may refer the proposal to the BSSS Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC).  Commencement of development of new frameworks or courses is at the discretion of the BSSS Executive Director, pending approval of proposal.

BSSS framework consultation


Consultation is an essential component of the curriculum development process. The BSSS encourages feedback.

Consultation plays an integral role in establishing the directions for the design and development of the curriculum. Feedback is sought from teachers and principals.

Consultation feedback, reports and actions

Consultation feedback is provided by teachers and principals in the form of online surveys. The BSSS has a comprehensive process in place with accreditation panels to review all consultation feedback and take appropriate action to improve draft curriculum documents.

Formal consultation reports summarise the key findings received from the stakeholder consultation and will be made publicly available.

Feedback on draft curriculum

The BSSS consultation site allows you to read, review and provide feedback on frameworks as they become available for public consultation. Feedback can be provided by completing an online survey. The feedback is used to revise and improve the draft materials so that the best possible quality curriculum are developed and published.

The survey must be completed online. In order to complete a survey, select the subject survey and click on the relevant survey.

Respondents also have the option to provide additional written comments. The BSSS requests that written comments are organised under section headings used in the questionnaire (where relevant) to assist in the analysis of all responses.

Following consultation, the draft curriculum documents will be revised for Board approval, prior to publication on the BSSS website.


In 2015, the Review of ACT Senior Secondary Curriculum Committee recommended that frameworks be consolidated where there is an educational rationale.

Analysis of current Behavioural Science, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Politics and Law Achievement Standards indicated that they share a common focus on ways of understanding the individual and society.  Achievement Standards in each framework require similar knowledge, understanding, inquiry; investigation and communication

Courses written under the BSSS Technologies Framework will describe distinct knowledge, understanding and skills of each subject. In addition, provision is made for integrated courses that draw on concepts from other disciplines to address problems.

The current Cultural Studies, Geography, Religious Studies, History, Philosophy, Politics & Law and Behavioural Science Frameworks will not be redeveloped.