ACT Senior Secondary Curriculum

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies registers and accredits all courses for teaching in schools offering the ACT senior secondary certificate.

Teachers develop courses under the relevant Course Frameworks. Course Frameworks are system-wide working documents that provide the essential basis for course development and accreditation. This college-based approach to course development ensures that teachers have a primary role in developing courses that are responsive to educational trends in their curriculum area, meet the needs of their student populations and reflect their teaching expertise. To ensure comparability of student outcomes, system-wide moderation processes are used.

Teachers from a number of schools are encouraged to collaborate to develop courses.

Once courses are developed, they are closely examined by the relevant subject-area panels to ensure they meet the Board's policies and procedures. The courses are then endorsed by the Board. When courses are accredited, they become Board courses, and other colleges may choose to adopt them for their own use.

The Shape of the ACT Senior Secondary Curriculum PDF 291 KB