Metal Products A/M/V


Martin Watson

ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies

15 October 2019


Under delegation from the Board, I have approved the further development of the new Metal Products A/M course to include the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certificate I in Engineering.

This draft course Metal Products A/M/V is now available on the website for public consultation. I encourage you to provide feedback as part of this process.


The Metal Products A/M course has already been through the process of development, public consultation and accreditation. The course has now been updated to include the requirements of the new Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package MEM10119.

The Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package MEM10119 was recently released and has significant consequences for the delivery of Certificate I in Engineering for school. Due to these changes, the Metal Engineering A/M/V course cannot be delivered past July 2020 and the course will not be redeveloped. The Metal Engineering C course accreditation date concludes in December 2020 and the course will not be redeveloped. Currently no students across the ACT are enrolled in this course.

In developing the draft Metal Products A/M/V, there was consultation with a representative of the Metal Products A/M course developers as well as the Chair of the Accreditation Panel. This was to ensure that the original intent and integrity of the course was maintained.


The addition of VET to the course allows for more flexibility for teachers and students. Teachers may still deliver Metal Products as an A/M course. The VET component of the course is optional. The draft Metal Products A/M/V is broad enough to meet the needs of a diverse student group and makes possible the delivery of Certificate I in Engineering for schools.

The process of embedding the vocational course was meticulous and rigorous in nature. The final version involved some minor amendments to the previous version of the Metal A/M course.

The development of a single course removes duplication of content across Metal Engineering A/M/V, Metal Technology A/M and Metal Engineering C courses.


The advantages of combining the course are:

· The course allows teachers flexibility to deliver a course suitable to their qualifications and expertise.

· Where there is only one teacher of the subject in a school, the difficult choice of which course to choose is no longer necessary as the alternatives are embedded in one course.

· Theory is now more evenly spread across the course.

· There are fewer competencies in the Training Package reducing the pressure of content.

· Programs of learning can be developed to address the needs and interests of diverse learners.

· The course is written to comply with the new Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package MEM10119 and will have up to date accreditation.