Office of the Board of Senior Secondary Studies

The Office of the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies is funded by the ACT Government. The Office provides services to both government and non-government colleges.

Officer Phone Number Responsibility
Executive Director 6205 7162 Manager
Executive Officer - Certification and Assessment6205 7174 Scaling and Certification, Small Group Moderation Processes
Executive Officer - Curriculum and Quality Assurance6205 7180 Course framework development, course development and accreditation, accreditation panels
Certification Officer6205 5674Scaling and Certification
AST Officer6205 9167 ACT Scaling Test, Certificate Equivalence
AST Assistant6205 7179ACT Scaling Test administration
Quality Assurance Officer6207 2771 Quality Assurance, Moderation of grades
Quality Assurance Assistant6207 2340Moderation of grades administration
Curriculum Officer6205 7178 Course development and accreditation, Vocational courses, industry liaison
Office Manager 6205 7163 General administration
Reception 6205 7181 Academic Transcripts, unclaimed certificates

OBSSS Organisation Chart